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The staff works with each other and with families to create the best possible learning environment for each child enrolled in our program. All staff members meet the qualifications required by the Department of Early Education and Care.

We are continually involved with in-service training which is necessary to maintain current knowledge of child development. A staff with specialized training in early childhood education is essential to a quality program.

Along with the years of teaching experience of all the teachers, they also have the experience of being parents.  They can share the joys and anxieties that come with being the parent of a preschooler.  This experience is helpful when dealing with children and parents alike.

Meet the Staff

Mrs. Murphy has been with Brookside for 18 years.  She has her bachelors degree in education from Salem State College.  Mrs. Murphy also is a dance instructor for various ages including the preschool set. 

Mrs. Warren has been the owner of Brookside for 19 years.  She has her bachelors degree in business and an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Mrs. Surprenant has been with Brookside for 2 years. She has her Bachelors Degree in Education from Salem State College. She has past experience as a teacher and is a mother of 4 children.